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2013-08-25Tycho: Synchronize pom versions with manifest versionsUwe Stieber24-24/+24
2013-08-25Releng: Fix version numbers of changed plugins and features. Fix updateUwe Stieber24-90/+138
site URL.
2013-08-24Releng: Switch to Tycho 0.18.1 and CBI JarSigner 1.0.4Uwe Stieber1-3/+3
2013-08-23TCF Debugger: Profiler view: better handling of Debug view selection changesEugene Tarassov2-11/+17
2013-08-23Target Explorer: add launch config type unbingding extension pointTobias Schwarz4-502/+696
2013-08-22Target Explorer: rework ProcessesV1 supportTobias Schwarz17-63/+385
2013-08-22Target Explorer: rework ProcessesV1 supportTobias Schwarz3-0/+41
2013-08-20TCF Debugger: fixed rare cases when TCFChildrenStackTrace.getFrameNo() ↵Eugene Tarassov5-7/+27
returns stale value because it is called before stack trace is validated
2013-08-20Target Explorer: fix missing interfaceTobias Schwarz2-2/+4
2013-08-19Target Explorer: fix dependenciesTobias Schwarz2-2/+4
2013-08-16TCF Core: added missing declarations for Processes.start arguments: ↵Eugene Tarassov1-2/+6
SigDontStop, SigDontPass
2013-08-16TCF Debugger: Profiler view should use memory space node to retrieve symbols ↵Eugene Tarassov1-23/+37
2013-08-16Target Explorer: add color and font provider to DelegatingLabelProviderTobias Schwarz2-12/+69
2013-08-16Target Explorer: fix properties view not showing infoTobias Schwarz3-3/+44
2013-08-14TCF Debugger: fixed: selection disappears in the Profiler view when the view ↵Eugene Tarassov2-9/+9
is updated
2013-08-14Target Explorer: add possibility to remove open context menu entryTobias Schwarz1-7/+25
2013-08-14Target Explorer: rework label provider delegate handlingTobias Schwarz23-1094/+1223
2013-08-13Target Explorer: Further improvements to the Locator.getPeers handlingUwe Stieber1-18/+38
2013-08-13Target Explorer: Improve scanner logic to avoid calling Locator.getPeers if ↵Uwe Stieber1-1/+4
the remote peer is the local host
2013-08-13Traget Explorer: rework stepper status handlingTobias Schwarz6-124/+142
2013-08-12Target Explorer: Improve CLI peer filterUwe Stieber3-8/+29
2013-08-12Target Explorer: Fix do not ask for peers on remote Eclipse CLI peersUwe Stieber1-8/+12
2013-08-12Target Explorer: Fix do not scan Eclipse CLI peersUwe Stieber1-0/+6
2013-08-12Target Explorer/TCF Launch: Filter "Eclipse CLI" peers from the target peer ↵Uwe Stieber2-580/+586
2013-08-12Target Explorer: add possibility to get peermodel thread saveTobias Schwarz1-1/+37
2013-08-12Target Explorer: add "savePoint" to step/stepGroup referenceTobias Schwarz5-24/+62
2013-08-12Target Explorer: Fix Write no log files if peer does not have a nameUwe Stieber1-437/+439
2013-08-09TCF Core: new Profiler service data property: FormatEugene Tarassov2-0/+9
2013-08-09Fixed: Eclipse internal breakpoint attributes tcfStamp and Status should not ↵Eugene Tarassov1-0/+2
be sent to target
2013-08-06Target Explorer: Added support for passed in environment for process and ↵Max Weninger7-139/+247
local terminal connectors. Signed-off-by: Max Weninger <>
2013-07-31Target Explorer: add context selector auto refreshTobias Schwarz4-2/+117
2013-07-30Target Explorer: Add support for local terminalMax Weninger28-2/+1967
Signed-off-by: Max Weninger <>
2013-07-30Target Explorer: fix empty service list instead of nullTobias Schwarz1-0/+2
2013-07-30Target Explorer: add common property access serviceTobias Schwarz9-211/+98
2013-07-23Releng: Switch TM Terminal to nightly repositoryUwe Stieber1-2/+2
2013-07-22Target Explorer: Require TM Terminal 3.5Uwe Stieber4-10/+10
2013-07-22Tycho: Update CDT and TM repositories to Kepler releaseUwe Stieber1-2/+2
2013-07-16Target Explorer: Fix wait for ready state modificationUwe Stieber1-1/+1
2013-07-16Target Explorer: Temporary allow to force the WaitForReadyStep to be skippedUwe Stieber1-1/+1
2013-07-14TCF Debugger: incremental stack tracingEugene Tarassov1-19/+63
2013-07-13Bug 411756 - [doc] Stacktrace service documentation should be updated with ↵Eugene Tarassov4-26/+180
new properties and new command
2013-07-13Restoring file that was deleted by:Eugene Tarassov1-0/+13
SHA-1: 17e08a7ea05b275d17179d25508d3082c43d7eb2 * Target Explorer: rework sections
2013-07-12Target Explorer: Fix "wait for becoming ready" state not correctly setUwe Stieber2-121/+121
2013-07-11Target Explorer: Add method to check is the simulator is configured for a ↵Uwe Stieber2-226/+249
given connection
2013-07-11Target Explorer: fix waiting state was set if already reachableTobias Schwarz1-77/+80
2013-07-11Target Explorer: rework sectionsTobias Schwarz17-171/+254
2013-07-10Target Explorer: Fix - Remote file change not detectedUwe Stieber4-402/+428
2013-07-10UI: Fix usage of "HandlerUtil.getActiveWorkbenchWindow(event)" backed upUwe Stieber7-64/+80
in case it returns null
2013-07-10Target Explorer: Fix Bug 412590 - NPE when I try to "Save All"Uwe Stieber1-126/+130
2013-07-10Target Explorer: Fix build issues and warningUwe Stieber6-466/+539

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