BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
GALILEObug 309513: Enhance description of the SOA package on the download pageMarkus Knauer6 years
HELIOSreverting last change - wrong branchMarkus Knauer5 years
INDIGOSDK: SR2 urlsMarkus Knauer4 years
JUNOIntroduce platform dependent memory setting in Parallel PackageMarkus Knauer3 years
KEPLERPushing qualifier update of package bundles and features for Kepler RC2Markus Knauer23 months
LUNAPushing versions from Luna SR2 "RC3" to Luna SR2 final ("RC4")Markus Knauer12 months
MARSUpdate versions and strings for Mars.2 (4.5.2) as 'RC2'Markus Knauer4 days
juno38Modify the packages to enable the build of 3.8-based packages.Markus Knauer4 years
masterUpdate versions and strings for Neon Milestone 4 (4.6.0M5)Markus Knauer4 days
MARS_RMARS_R.zip  MARS_R.tar.gz  MARS_R.tar.xz  Markus Knauer8 months
LUNA_SR2LUNA_SR2.zip  LUNA_SR2.tar.gz  LUNA_SR2.tar.xz  Markus Knauer12 months
LUNA_SR1aLUNA_SR1a.zip  LUNA_SR1a.tar.gz  LUNA_SR1a.tar.xz  Markus Knauer13 months
LUNA_SR1LUNA_SR1.zip  LUNA_SR1.tar.gz  LUNA_SR1.tar.xz  Markus Knauer16 months
LUNA_RLUNA_R.zip  LUNA_R.tar.gz  LUNA_R.tar.xz  Markus Knauer20 months
KEPLER_SR2KEPLER_SR2.zip  KEPLER_SR2.tar.gz  KEPLER_SR2.tar.xz  Markus Knauer23 months
KEPLER_SR1KEPLER_SR1.zip  KEPLER_SR1.tar.gz  KEPLER_SR1.tar.xz  Markus Knauer2 years
2.0.1-Rorg.eclipse.epp.packages-2.0.1-R.zip  org.eclipse.epp.packages-2.0.1-R.tar.gz  org.eclipse.epp.packages-2.0.1-R.tar.xz  Markus Knauer2 years
KEPLER_RKEPLER_R.zip  KEPLER_R.tar.gz  KEPLER_R.tar.xz  Markus Knauer2 years
2.0.0-Rorg.eclipse.epp.packages-2.0.0-R.zip  org.eclipse.epp.packages-2.0.0-R.tar.gz  org.eclipse.epp.packages-2.0.0-R.tar.xz  Markus Knauer3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysUpdate versions and strings for Neon Milestone 4 (4.6.0M5)HEADmasterMarkus Knauer58-60/+60
4 daysUpdate copyright year to 2016 in plugins, features, and productsMarkus Knauer43-73/+73
9 daysDrop inclusion of RCP and RCP source for Scout Neonrefs/changes/89/65489/1Patrick Bänziger1-2/+0
2015-12-18Force version qualifier update for Neon M4aMarkus Knauer43-43/+43
2015-12-18Include org.eclipse.jdt.annotations is present to work around AERI bugrefs/changes/20/63020/1Andreas Sewe1-0/+3
2015-12-16Do not mirror org.eclipse.epp.logging.aeri artifacts to packages reporefs/changes/62/62862/1Markus Knauer14-14/+14
2015-12-16Upgrade configuration and version numbers for Neon M4Markus Knauer57-59/+59
2015-12-16Add Android package definition to packages_map.txtMarkus Knauer2-0/+4
2015-12-16[484054] Make sure the modeling perspective is used on startuprefs/changes/38/62838/1cbrun1-1/+1
2015-12-15480145: Change description of Scoutrefs/changes/15/62315/2Stephan Leicht Vogt1-1/+2
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