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3<title>WTP Updates</title>
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7*** having this script here, even not using it, is no good for Opera.
8*** will leave it here as comment, until in CVS.
9<script type="text/javascript">
10 var returnval = 0;
11 var stylesheet, xmlFile, cache, doc;
12 function init(){
13 // NSCP 7.1+ / Mozilla 1.4.1+ / Safari
14 // Use the standard DOM Level 2 technique, if it is supported
15 if (document.implementation && document.implementation.createDocument) {
16 xmlFile = document.implementation.createDocument("", "", null);
17 stylesheet = document.implementation.createDocument("", "", null);
18 if (xmlFile.load){
19 xmlFile.load("site.xml");
20 stylesheet.load("web/site.xsl");
21 } else {
22 alert("Document could not be loaded by browser.");
23 }
24 xmlFile.addEventListener("load", transform, false);
25 stylesheet.addEventListener("load", transform, false);
26 }
27 //IE 6.0+ solution
28 else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
29 xmlFile = new ActiveXObject("msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");
30 xmlFile.async = false;
31 xmlFile.load("site.xml");
32 stylesheet = new ActiveXObject("msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument.3.0");
33 stylesheet.async = false;
34 stylesheet.load("web/site.xsl");
35 cache = new ActiveXObject("msxml2.XSLTemplate.3.0");
36 cache.stylesheet = stylesheet;
37 transformData();
38 }
39 }
40 // separate transformation function for IE 6.0+
41 function transformData(){
42 var processor = cache.createProcessor();
43 processor.input = xmlFile;
44 processor.transform();
45 data.innerHTML = processor.output;
46 }
47 // separate transformation function for NSCP 7.1+ and Mozilla 1.4.1+
48 function transform(){
49 returnval+=1;
50 if (returnval==2){
51 var processor = new XSLTProcessor();
52 processor.importStylesheet(stylesheet);
53 doc = processor.transformToDocument(xmlFile);
54 document.getElementById("data").innerHTML = doc.documentElement.innerHTML;
55 }
56 }
60<body onload="init();">
61<!-- custom messages here ... comes before header generated in xsl code -->
63<DIV align="right" width=400>
64<p><A align="right" alt"Example proposed WTP logo"
65 HREF=""><IMG
66 SRC="wtpdraft.jpg"></A></p>
67<p><font size="small">Like this logo? Don't like this logo?
68<br /> Want to propose another?
69<br /> Comment on <a href="">Bug 122593</a><br />.</font></p>
72<h1 class="title">Eclipse Update Site for <br /> Web Tools Platform (WTP) </h1>
74<p>This update site provides the features of the Eclipse Web
75Tools Platform (WTP).</p>
76<p>It not only provides the data for WTP updates, it also provides
77"pointers" to the prerequisite projects (EMF, GEF, and JEM).</p>
78<p>It does assume, however, that the starting point is the Eclipse 3.1.1
79base platform (including JDT) since WTP 1.0 requires Eclipse base 3.1.1,
80and there are some separate and <a
81 href="">specific
82instructions</a> for updating the base platform to the 3.1.1 level.</p>
83<p>To use this update site in your existing installation of Eclipse,
84add the following URL as a remote update site in your update manager.
86<p><b>Tip: </b>any time you get a chance, export your bookmark files from the "add a site" dialog. Having them
87saved away in a safe place makes it much easier to re-create another development environment.</p>
88<p>See <a
89 href="">Eclipse
90Help</a> for general information about using Update Manager.</p>
91<p><b>Tip: </b>To lessen download time (by installing the minimum number of features), first select the desired WTP feature in the
92Eclipse update install dialog, then use the 'select required' button to
93select only the minimum required prerequisite features.
97<h3>Known Problems and Issues</h3>
98<p>Please note: In the interest of openness, and honesty, :)
99we are not greatly experienced with update manager and we have
100not tested it rigorously. Therefore, it is recommend you be sure to keep a back up of your workspace and development
101environment in case something goes wrong. In fact, if you are able, it may be easiest to
102start a fresh development environment based on 3.1.1 and then update to WTP 1.0.
103And, since the workbench may have to shutdown and restart several times (if updating several features),
104I'd recommend you do the upgrade with an empty workspace and once satisfied all is well, then use
105the -data option to point to your workspace of interest.
107<a href="">bug 122784:</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; Even if you have
108WTP 0.7.1 installed, you can not "search for updates of the currently installed features".
110Workaround: add the webtools/update site as a remote update site and use it as you would any other
111new feature. You may avoid other problems if you start "afresh".
113<a href="">bug 108376:</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; if you already do have 0.7.1 installed, and select all of WTP to install, Update Manager
114will think some features are not available (even though they are available and in fact already installed!).
116Workaround: in some tests, just selecting the first 3 of the 4 WTP Features to install seemed to fix, but may
117vary depending on exactly what you have installed.
119<a href="">bug 123191:</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; If you
120check "Filter features included in other features on the list", then even using
121the 'select required' button will not "find" all the features required.
123Workaround: do not check that box! :)
125<p>As always, open bugs you find or open feature requests,
126to help the project improve. Thanks for your help.</p>
127<h3>Example of Update Dialog</h3>
128<p>Here is an example screen shot highlighting the areas discussed in the
129tips and workarounds. The example is from having just the base 3.1.1 installed.</p>
130<img alt"Example view of Update dialog" src="updatePic.gif" />
132<div id="data">
134<!-- this is where the transformed data from site.xml automatically goes, if data div not commented out -->