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david_williams56374422007-11-12 09:03:46 +00001#!/vin/sh
3# this file needs to be executed at top of /cvsroot/webtools directory
4# and ... as root?
6chgrp -R webtools common
7chgrp -R cvs CVSROOT
8chgrp -R webtools datatools
9chgrp -R webtools ejbtools
10chgrp -R webtools jeetools
11chgrp -R atf-dev org.eclipse.atf
12chgrp -R jpa-dev org.eclipse.jpa
13chgrp -R jsf-dev org.eclipse.jsf
14chgrp -R webtools.incubator-dev org.eclipse.wtp.incubator
15chgrp -R webtools servertools
16chgrp -R webtools sourceediting
17chgrp -R webtools webservices
18chgrp -R webtools webtools.maps
19chgrp -R webtools webtools.releng