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nitind9c4a37b2005-02-24 22:22:30 +00001This directory, working/development, is to
ryman91c13072004-12-08 19:18:10 +00002contain *working* files and images
3related to the high level architecture and
david_williams224e37a2005-03-14 18:51:31 +00004design notes for WTP, development practices,
5meeting notes, etc.
ryman91c13072004-12-08 19:18:10 +00006
7The files in this directory are "works in progress"
8and not to be linked to from web sites. Once ready,
9appropriate files will be copied to web-site related areas,
10in CVS, such as wtp-home/
11and from there copied to (or published to) wtp-home on
14This developement directory is *not* to be copied, or
david_williams224e37a2005-03-14 18:51:31 +000015published to website as is casues mirrors to hit CVS a lot.