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david_williams5da7bc22010-07-29 15:41:22 +00001
2The files in this directory are used to varying degrees when promoting or releasing builds.
3Over time, they should be more fully integrated into the automatic scripts, but are put in cvs here,
4for now, to have a safe copy.
6'antrunnner' directory normally exported to the 'apps'
7directory on /shared/webtools location, and executed from there.
9At the time of this writing, there are three steps required
10when a build is promoted, before officially released (ideally, before its promoted, so
11the work is done on "committer" copy).
13In all cases, each script needs to have file locations or urls hand edited first.
david_williams13728952010-09-03 04:38:08 +0000151.
david_williams5da7bc22010-07-29 15:41:22 +000016the build's repository artifacts need to be packed (pack200) by using something like
david_williams13728952010-09-03 04:38:08 +000017./ process-artifacts-322.xml
david_williams9e7f5842011-03-06 03:32:03 +000018
david_williams13728952010-09-03 04:38:08 +0000192.
david_williams5da7bc22010-07-29 15:41:22 +000020add download stat flags, and mirror URL property
david_williams13728952010-09-03 04:38:08 +000021./
david_williams9e7f5842011-03-06 03:32:03 +000022
david_williams13728952010-09-03 04:38:08 +0000233.
david_williams0a351422010-08-12 16:51:39 +000024And finally, for final repo, be sure to update the composite repo so it points to the right place.