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ndaie5b28502005-07-10 05:48:16 +00001This component has been split into two new ones, and is therefore retired:
2See bugzilla items 101593, and bug 82185, bug 82851
4releng and releng.builder
6- The releng component is where the maps are maintained. This component is tagged
7with each map-based build with the build id.
9- The releng builder components keeps sources for the builder, such as the
10ant scripts, cruise control configurations, plugins for api scans, templates
ndai1111d4d2005-07-10 06:07:56 +000011for web pages. This module is versioned as needed.
13- Each build will run using a versioned releng.builder, which is maintained with build.cfg
14in the maps directory. The buildserver will update its releng.builder periodically using cruise.