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david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +00001#!/bin/sh
david_williams0985c462007-08-29 18:24:10 +00003# If "local" users have this file on their path,
4# that is, in "someDirectory" on the users local path,
5# then the bash "include source" function will find that version
6# first, instead of the "standard" eclipse production one.
david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +00007
8# this file is intentionally named "shsource" to denote this is intended to
9# be included in other sh files, with "source" command, not
10# executed on its own.
13export BUILD_HOME=/shared/webtools
15export DISPLAY=
david_williams0985c462007-08-29 18:24:10 +000017echo "remember to check X virtual frame buffer is running for headless JUnit testing";
18ps -ef | grep Xvfb
david_williams842e4192007-12-09 07:44:35 +000020# these should be full, abosolute path to the respective home directories
21# on this particular build machine
22export ANT_HOME=/shared/webtools/apps/apache-ant-1.7.0
23export JAVA_4_HOME=/shared/webtools/apps/IBMJava2-ppc-142
24export JAVA_5_HOME=/shared/webtools/apps/ibm-java2-ppc-50
25export CC_DIR=/shared/webtools/apps/cruisecontrol-bin-2.7.1
david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +000026
27export BASEOS=linux
28export BASEWS=gtk
29export BASEARCH=ppc
31# no local build properties, for production builds
david_williams536b5952007-12-09 06:03:17 +000032# for local builds, this should be set to a real directory,
33# so meaningful properties can be set for that local machine.
david_williams842e4192007-12-09 07:44:35 +000034# See the 'localBuildExample' directory for a starting example
david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +000035export LOCAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES_DIR=
david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +000037export
david_williams6afd2662007-08-20 06:43:52 +000038export BUILD_RETURN_NAME=wtpBuild
david_williamsa33db8f2006-11-27 23:36:51 +000039export BUILD_RESULT_URL=
david_williams6afd2662007-08-20 06:43:52 +000040export
david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +000041
david_williams2a12be02007-07-20 03:56:35 +000042# for builds on local machines, SKIPUSERS should be 'true' to avoid
43# notifying users about those builds on your local machine
david_williams13d378c2007-08-22 04:04:54 +000044export SKIPUSERS=false
david_williamsd33d3a02007-08-22 04:40:40 +000046# controls quietness of logging to console
47# false means more output to console, true uses ant's logger
david_williams0985c462007-08-29 18:24:10 +000048export USE_LOGGER=false
david_williamsd33d3a02007-08-22 04:40:40 +000049
50#contols ANT's quietness level
51# true logs error and warnings only
david_williams0985c462007-08-29 18:24:10 +000052export USE_QUIET=false
david_williamsb25ea8d2007-08-22 07:22:55 +000053
david_williams0985c462007-08-29 18:24:10 +000054# controls ANT's debug level
55# setting to true will result in TONS of ouput
david_williamsb25ea8d2007-08-22 07:22:55 +000056export USE_DEBUG=false
david_williams4d17cf52007-11-19 03:27:13 +000057
58export USE_LOCAL_MAPS=false
david_williams842e4192007-12-09 07:44:35 +000059
60# normally, cvs logging output can be "really quiet", but if problems, then it can be turned back on
61# to get more potentially diagnostic information
62# TODO: if both of these are 'true' and error is generated by cvs ...
63# saying you can't set both to true.
64# we could put in some logic to prevent that, someday.
65export CVS_QUIET=false
66export CVS_REALLY_QUIET=false
67# these cvs values need to have write access if
68# build.trial is false, as on production machine.
69# This is the ID used to both read, and
70# to tag releng map files.
72# Note:
73# 'ext' protocol typically requires
74# environment variable CVS_RSH to be set to ssh
75# So, we just always do it. Can't imagine it'd hurt
76# if protocol was pserver, but could be removed in that
77# case, if desired.
78export CVS_RSH=ssh
79export WTP_CVS_PROTOCOL=ext
80export WTP_CVS_USER=david_williams
82export WTP_CVS_ROOT=/cvsroot/webtools