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david_williams6de403b2011-06-04 16:33:03 +00001Final Test Requests for WTP 3.3.0 Indigo
david_williams0a351422010-08-12 16:51:39 +00002
david_williamsf1742562011-02-10 20:39:42 +00003Please document your Project's testing and approval of this build,
david_williams6de403b2011-06-04 16:33:03 +00004by 5 PM Monday (Eastern Time) 6/6 (at the latest),
david_williams0a351422010-08-12 16:51:39 +00005or let us know if that's not possible.
david_williams6de403b2011-06-04 16:33:03 +00007There were two "DNF" unit test suites, but given the state of the build infrastructure, suspect this will
8be the best we can do, at at least for a while, and think there is minimal risk with not having
9those two suites run completely.
david_williams0a351422010-08-12 16:51:39 +000010
david_williams6de403b2011-06-04 16:33:03 +000011There are no plans to respin with our prereqs final (or RC4) versions but feel free to
12test with them as they become available. While there is no further formal "sign-off" after RC4,
13the assumption is that committers and adopters will continue to test, in some form,
14until the official release, so if any release-blocking problems are found, feel free to bring them
15to our attention at any time ... the earlier the better :)
17Current Build
20Final confirmation testing votes:
24The observant will notice I did go ahead and quietly put this build on our 'downloads' area, instead
25of leaving on our 'committers' area. I did that since I think it'll lead to better, quicker, final testing and
26since we have not changed anything since previous RC3 build, except the versions of our
27prereqs we build against. Well, except for one doc bundle. We changed that since it was indirectly
28causing us to produce a bad repository (see but 348028) [1]. I confirmed via map files that was
29the only changed bundle.