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4<title>WTP Updates</title>
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david_williams21367ca2006-11-17 01:40:10 +000010<div align="right">
david_williamsd0423a12006-10-29 17:56:02 +000011<p><img src="wtplogosmall.jpg" alt="WTP Logo"></p>
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david_williamsb3b48b62006-02-22 17:02:53 +000014<h1 class="title">Eclipse Update Site for <br />
15Web Tools Platform (WTP)</h1>
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david_williams28e61e52007-05-27 04:20:10 +000017<p>This update site provides the features of the Eclipse <a
18 href="">Web Tools Platform (WTP)</a>.</p>
david_williamsd0423a12006-10-29 17:56:02 +000019<p>If you are just getting started with Eclipse or Eclipse Web
20Tools, you may want to first install from the <a
21 href=""> Callisto</a> update site, as
22it would have everything you need to get started.</p>
23<p>This Web Tools Platform update site does assume you have all the
24pre-reqs installed.</p>
25<p>Beyond the basic Web Tools Platform, this site offeres the SDK
26version of Web Tools, the JSF preview and the Dali (JPA) preview.</p>
david_williamse08a29d2006-04-16 22:01:08 +000027<p>To use this update site in your existing installation of Eclipse,
david_williamsd0423a12006-10-29 17:56:02 +000028add the following URL as a remote update site in your update manager, if
29it does not already have it.</p>
david_williamsb3b48b62006-02-22 17:02:53 +000030<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> <code></code></b></p>
david_williamsdc1fdb12006-02-22 07:23:19 +000031<p>See <a
david_williamsd0423a12006-10-29 17:56:02 +000032 href="">Eclipse
david_williamsdc1fdb12006-02-22 07:23:19 +000033Help</a> for general information about using Update Manager.</p>
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