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david_williamsa14b4432011-06-16 11:00:58 +00001Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.2.5 M-build towards WTP 3.2.5
david_williams3045b802010-09-09 16:04:47 +00002
david_williamsf1742562011-02-10 20:39:42 +00003Please document your Project's testing and approval of this build,
david_williams20c55492011-06-27 13:55:00 +00004by 12:00 Noon, Friday (Eastern Time) (at the latest),
david_williams8cbc58a2010-08-12 14:44:54 +00005or let us know if that's not possible.
david_williams54e5f712010-06-03 17:07:42 +00006
david_williams20c55492011-06-27 13:55:00 +00007We are still having trouble running the unit tests so they have
8not ran on this build. So, we will try and build/test again, but
9should be no reason to delay smoke testing.
david_williamsa14b4432011-06-16 11:00:58 +000010
david_williamsd5f68162009-09-03 15:51:33 +000011Current Build
david_williams20c55492011-06-27 13:55:00 +000012
david_williams258531b2010-12-02 14:29:53 +000013
david_williamsd5f68162009-09-03 15:51:33 +000014Smoketest Results
david_williams20c55492011-06-27 13:55:00 +000015