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david_williams42f9b242006-11-27 18:45:14 +00001
2The files in this directory, in theory, are not used
3in production builds on
5They are provided as "default values" that may need
6to be changed on other machines.
8The are given here as examples of how someone might
9override various build properties on their own machine.
11These files, if used, should be in the directory named in
12the STANDARD_PROPERTIES_DIR environment variable, which
13is set in the "commonVariations" file.
15Note to build developers: the "defaults" here, in the
16CVS version, should "written in" as default values in build
17scripts, so the eclipse build.eclipse "official builds" are
18always correct, even without these files. It is best to keep
19these files "up to date", though, as a means of documenting
20what can be varied from machine to machine.
22Individual "local builds" should use the LOCAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES_DIR
23mechanism to provide their own "local" parameters. See the
24localBuildExample directory.