[113542] [UI] Investigate other ways to present facet description
[117789] [UI] Add/Remove project facets should provide button to c...
[150261] [UI] Facet selection table needs better column distribution
[157206] IFacetedProjectListener should describe the change that h...
[159025] Illegal extension schema markup in project-facet
[159121] Can't remove facet and select runtime
[159529] FPF: Version expressions should support unknown versions
[164456] Provide Mechanism to Expand Facet Category
[173380] Faceted Project Framework and Java 5
[173525] [UI] Improve handling of unchecking fixed facet
[175744] add a getRuntime() method to org.eclipse.wst.common.proje...
[115349] [UI] Improve rendering of facet version selection
[137825] Facet RuntimeManager should support localized runtime names
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