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! comparator log messages start with a line identifing comparator used, and date ran, and then a
! sequence of 3 (sometimes 4) lines describing the differences found by comparator.
! line 1 summary type (canonical, archive, etc), bundle, and version info
! line 2 comparison exact repositories being compared
! line 3 reason brief description of the differnce found (or errors or exceptions in processing)
! line 4 extraDetail a bit more details about errors found (variable, only a few messages have 4 lines)
! Rules on which messages are significant, or unexpected, are specified as three regex expresssions,
! one for each of
! the (first) three lines above (the forth, "extra detail" is not considered). All three rules, must
! "match" all three
! lines. By carefully crafting the rules, you can get some rule to apply too all comparator messages,
! (e.g. ignore any message
! stating the about.mappings files are different) or ignore only a certain message for a a certain
! bundle/version (e.g.
! ignore differences in build.xml file, but only in the org.eclipse.jst.jsf.doc.user bundle).
! Note that the three parts of a comparator message must match all three parts of an exclude rule,
! but for simplicity, if a rule part is empty or null, it is interpreted to mean "match anything" for
! that message part.
comparator.aboutmappings.summary =
comparator.aboutmappings.comparison =
comparator.aboutmappings.reason = ^In about\\.mappings, the property \"0\" has different values.*$
comparator.testjar.summary = .*org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.tests.*
comparator.testjar.comparison =
comparator.testjar.reason = ^IOException comparing.*sourceartifactTestData_ClasspathDependencyTests_Test1_jar.*$
comparator.testcorruptjar.summary = .*org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core.tests.model.*
comparator.testcorruptjar.comparison =
comparator.testcorruptjar.reason = ^IOException comparing.*sourceartifactworkspace_JavaSearch_corrupt_jar.*$
comparator.docbuildxml.summary = ^.*\(\
comparator.docbuildxml.comparison =
!comparator.docbuildxml.reason = ^Binary file build\\.xml: sizes differ by.*$
comparator.createdbyant.summary =
comparator.createdbyant.comparison =
comparator.createdbyant.reason = ^The manifest header \"Created-By\" has different values\\..*$