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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="JUnit tests" basedir=".">
<property environment="env" />
<property name="library-xml-file" value="${testRoot}/library.xml" />
<import file="${library-xml-file}" />
<target name="init">
data-dir - the directory for Eclipse to write its data
plugin-name - the name of the plugin to test
classname - the name of the test class
(Optional - overrides defaults set in script)
vmargs - a string containing arguments to pass to the VM.
extraVMargs - allows separate setting of VM args from separate caller.
timeout - overrides default test timeout value (in milliseconds).
test-output - overrides default output file produced from test run.
plugin-path - path to root of plug-in
useEclipseExe - property setting forces test to launch via eclipse executable.
junit-report-output - output directory for junit reports produced for specified classname.
<property name="junit-report-output" value="${testRoot}/results" />
<mkdir dir="${junit-report-output}/raw" />
<property name="otherVMArgs" value=" -Dwtp.autotest.noninteractive=true -Dosgi.clean=true${env.BASEWS} -Dosgi.os=${env.BASEOS} -Dosgi.arch=${env.BASEARCH}" />
<!-- if not otherwise set, be sure extraVMargs is at least empty string -->
<property name="extraVMargs" value="" />
<property name="testRoot" value="${testRoot}" />
<property name="extraVMargs" value="${extraVMargs} ${otherVMArgs}" />
<property name="timeout" value="600000" />
<property name="junit-report-output" value="${junit-report-output}" />
<property name="plugin-path" value="${basedir}/plugins/${testPlugin}" />
<property name="formatter" value="" />
<property name="test-output" value="${junit-report-output}/raw/${classname}.xml" />
<property name="useEclispeExe" value="true" />
<property name="classname" value="${classname}" />
<property name="jvm" value="${env.JAVA_5_HOME}/bin/java" />
<echo message="basedir: ${basedir}" />
<echo message="eclipse-home: ${eclipse-home}" />
<echo message="testRoot: ${testRoot}" />
<echo message="class-name: ${classname}" />
<echo message="plugin-name: ${plugin-name}" />
<echo message="plugin-direcotory: ${testPlugin}" />
<echo message="library-xml-file: ${library-xml-file}" />
<echo message="junit-report-output: ${junit-report-output}" />
<echo message="test-output: ${test-output}" />
<echo message="jvm: ${env.JAVA_5_HOME}/bin/java" />
<target name="core-test" depends="init">
<echo message="test-type: core-test" />
<ant antfile="${library-xml-file}" target="eclipse-test">
<property name="application" value="org.eclipse.test.coretestapplication" />
<target name="ui-test" depends="init">
<echo message="test-type: ui-test" />
<ant antfile="${library-xml-file}" target="eclipse-test">
<property name="application" value="org.eclipse.test.uitestapplication" />