enable signing
diff --git a/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource b/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource
index 7d4a777..6b11aa5 100644
--- a/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource
+++ b/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource
@@ -1,15 +1,14 @@
-# This particular file is not used in production builds,
-# though there is a similar one (with same name) in main
-# directory that is.
 # If "local" users have this file on their path,
 # that is, in "someDirectory" on the users local path,
 # then the bash "include source" function will find that version
-# first, instead of the "standard" eclipse production one.
+# first, instead of this "standard" eclipse production one.
+# That is assuming users don't have "." on their path, which 
+# they shouldn't. Many systems assumes ${HOME}/bin is on the 
+# users path. 
-# this file is intentionally named "shsource" to denote this is intended to
+# This file is intentionally named "shsource" to denote this is intended to
 # be included in other sh files, with "source" command, not
 # executed on its own.
@@ -19,11 +18,14 @@
 # provided as environment variable, since it can not import ant property files
 # like most ant project files can.
+# the top directory of build-related directories
 export BUILD_HOME=/shared/webtools
-# the following does not really vary, but must be specified "early"
+# the following does not commonly vary, but must be specified "early"
+# so is specified in this file
 export RELENG_CONTROL=${BUILD_HOME}/releng.control
+# this variable must batch the screen number that Xvfb is using 
 export DISPLAY=
 # these should be full, abosolute path to the respective home directories
@@ -46,10 +48,9 @@
 # note: buildmaster email address should be "real" address
 # that is subscribed to the mailing list, if you want to send
-# mail to mailing list.
-export BUILD_BUILDMASTER_EMAIL=david_williams@us.ibm.com
-export BUILD_BUILDMASTER_RETURN_NAME=david_williams
+# mail to mailing lists.
+export BUILD_BUILDMASTER_EMAIL=david_williams@eclipse.org
 export BUILD_RESULT_URL=http://build.eclipse.org:7777/dashboard/build/detail
 export BUILD_ALWAYS_TO_ADDRESS=david_williams@us.ibm.com
 export FAILED_ADDRESS=wtp-releng@eclipse.org
@@ -66,11 +67,11 @@
 #contols ANT's quietness level
 # true logs error and warnings only
-export USE_QUIET=false
+export USE_QUIET=true
 # controls ANT's debug level
 # setting to true will result in TONS of ouput
-export USE_DEBUG=true
+export USE_DEBUG=false
 # should be true for production, false for local.
 # it can be set to true for local builds, but then the
@@ -115,11 +116,16 @@
 export DOWNLOAD_ROOT=/home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org
-# Only temporarily true for production builds. Post M5, will be false 
-# for production builds. Should always be false (mostly likely) for 
-# "local" builds. 
-# TODO we need to work into cc_config as well ... so signing is 
-# always skipped for 2.0 based builds. 
-export SKIP_JAR_SIGNING=true
+# Here this variable, SKIP_JAR_SIGNING, should be false for 
+# production builds. But, the variable is set elsewhere to true, 
+# such as in cc_config, for the R2 builds.
+# There is another variable, 'sign' in each components build.properties
+# to allow components to be the final say to allow signing.  
+# This variable, SKIP_JAR_SIGNING, should always be true for 
+$ "local" builds. 
+export SKIP_JAR_SIGNING=false
+# this is used especially during signing, where we need to execute 
+# the signing script from a signer ID, while running as wtpBuild.
+# should be blank or omitted in local builds
 export REMOTE_SSH_COMMAND="ssh david_williams@build.eclipse.org "