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# This script should be "copied up" and ran from a
# directory "above" the main working directories of
# $updateToolsDir.
# This is typically the users $HOME directory
echo " "
echo " Removing old $updateToolsDir and exporting fresh HEAD versions."
echo " "
rm -fr $updateToolsDir
echo " "
# ISSUE: we should move away from using 'head' version
# Note: we can use "local host" since we are running on the same cluser as the cvs server
# otherwise, if running remotely, localhos should be changed to ''
cvs -Q -f -d export -r HEAD $updateToolsDir
dos2unix -q $updateToolsDir/build-home/*.sh
dos2unix -q $updateToolsDir/build-home/*.xml
chmod -R +x $updateToolsDir/build-home/*.sh
echo " for complete refresh, use something similar to following"
echo " "
echo " cd $updateToolsDir/build-home/"
echo " screen -x"
echo " #for Callisto"
echo " ./ -clean | tee out.txt"
echo " #for Europa"
echo " ./ -clean | tee out.txt"
echo " "
echo " When complete, be sure to inspect or at least grep the out.txt file for anomilies, e.g. "
echo " grep failed out.txt"
echo " grep error out.txt"
echo " grep exception out.txt"
echo " "