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<p class="ueberschrift">Project Context</p>
<p>The scope of the J2EE Standard Tools subproject is the support of
J2EE programming. This includes the support of APIs covered by the
J2EE1.4 specifications (e.g. JSP, Servlets, EJBs, JCA, JMS, JNDI, JDBC,
Java Web Services, JAX* and related JSRs). Support for JCP
specifications commonly used in Web Applications, but not included in
J2EE1.4 is to be studied on a case by case basis (ex: JSF,JDO).</p>
<p>Support of frameworks not covered by the JCP (ex: Struts, Hibernate,
XMLC) is outside the scope of this project, such projects could find a
home in the Eclipse Technology project.</p>
<p>JST has annotation support (JSR 175-Metadata), on top of those
provided in the JDT, e.g. for code assist, where applicable. Annotation
support includes JSR 181-Metadata for Web Services, and in the future
will include support for other standardized metadata such as EJBs. In
the transitional period until there are JSRs for J2EE annotations, JST
will have some support for widely accepted open technologies such as
<p class="ueberschrift">Project Architecture</p>