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Agenda/Notes for 4/7 meeting
Invitees: David, Kevin, Naci, Ted, Chuck
Special Guests: Chris Brealey, Craig Salter, Michael Elder
Invitees: David, Ted, Chuck
Special Guests: Chris Brealey, Craig Salter, Michael Elder
Discussed these architecture topics
88017 [arch] Should Internet proxy settings move to base?
Action: Chris will move to Eclipse 3.2 enhancement request
Chris has moved 88017 to 3.2 base feature request.
Action: Craig brought up internet caching in general is platform issue.
Chris or Craig will open feature request for Eclipse 3.2
88014 [arch] Should URI Resolver be WTP API
Craig proposes to make internal.provisional for 1.0
need to clarify (document) use cases handled, use cases not, use cases desired
88015 [arch] Is XML Catalog ready for API?
plan is to eventually support a subset of OASIS spec
such as, save our catalog in OASIS format
Craig will document our degree of (or lack of) compliance
still planning to have catlog extension point ... but still some
issues to settle on for proposed API.
need good tutorial/links on 3rd party DTDs/Schemas
Craig has submited some DTDs and Schemas for re-distribution
88012 [arch] Should extensible navigator be API? (and brief status of "flexible project" API)
Long discussion on current status and plans.
General concern about the try{}finally{} required pattern and some
possible improvements
Need to revisit with Kevin issue of if the resource-level "flexible project"
API should be in base Eclipse. (Might effect if marked 'provisional' in WTP 1.0,
or at least need to make sure we have migration path open to all).
Should WTP do any work on "jarred plugins" or manifest-only plugins?
<not discussed, but component leads generally feel like "maybe", but not
P1 item>
Update or questions from Ted and Chuck on Architecture Overview document
<offline, Chuck reported no pretty pictures yet ... but should be soon,
haven't talked to Ted about status yet.>