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Agenda/notes for 3/31/05
Attendees, David, Chuck, Ted, Kevin
1. Meeting Frequency
Resolved to schedule weekly, but if there is no agenda sent in advance (by morning of the meeting)
then the meeting will be canceled.
2. Discuss Mandate
General agreement should be "proactive", but due to time constraints, hard to be specific on tasks.
Assume most will be driven by requests from development teams for consultation.
3. appropriate to discuss cross project problems, such as ant contentType?
Resolved not to degenerate to discussing bug reports, but could bring up issues that didn't seem
headed toward resolution.
4. Architecture Document needs to be updated, by WTP M4
Chuck agreed to updated figures (starting with "snapshot" version.
Ted agreed to update prose (merging in anything worth while from "old one" to the "official one").
Note: both sources are available from "web site" CVS, under
And, there are some "working files" (such as mdl input) in the code
repository under the top level "working" directory,
under developement/WTPArchAndDesignDocs
5. "Open House" ... by subsystem (roughly). Six, 1 hour sessions, one per week, during WTP M5
development, phone and "web conference". To be presented as "information sharing" sessions, for
component leads to describe components, and community (of API users) to let us know of how they are
using the APIs.
6. next week: on deck
Chris Brealy, Internet Preference move to base
Craig Salter, URI Resolver, XML Catalog
Mike Elder, extensible navigator and review status of flexible projects API