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<title>Checking WTP out</title>
<p class="ueberschrift">How to check out the WTP plugins</p>
<p>It is recommended to check out the plugins via the releng tools using
map files provided by the project.<br>
The main advantage of this approach is to have a reproducable build, and
that way you can easily check out exactly the code that is contained in
builds produced by the web tools project (I-Builds, M-Builds, Releases).<br>
This approach makes general handling easier and is as well more helpful
for the project when submitting bugreports or supplying pachtes.
Checking out HEAD is not recommended as it is not reproducable.<br>
<p>First, download the current releng tools version. The releng tools download
is availble at the bottom of the download page for the specific version of
Eclipse you have installed.</p>
<li>Then you will need all the map files of the included plug-ins. The
whole collection of map files is available on each WTP download page from
the link entitled "map files".</li>
<li>Create a new project in Eclipse. Create a new file with an .map
extension. Paste all maps from the link above into the file.</li>
<li>Right-click on the file. Select: Team - Load Map Projects. (If you
copyed all map files into the file, it will take a little longer).</li>
<li>When you're finished, you've checked out all WTP plugins out of
the Eclipse CVS.<br>
The plugins are all located in the same project/directory.</li>