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This template bundle is just to help other turn their own bundle into a "feature branding bundle".
It should never be built or used directly.
The files here could be provided as a seperate bundle, whose sole purpose
is to provide branding information, or (usually better) can be merged in
with an existing bundle that is always 'included' with the feature to be branded.
pick one of the main plugins in that feature and list as "plugin=xxxx" attribute of feature element.
specify an 'image' file (optional)
Can provide a feature install/update image that is used in some install scenerios
(not currently used by P2). See
NOTE: the wtp feature image provided in this template bundle would need to be copied to the root of your
Be sure the provider name is "Eclipse Web Tools Platform"
in plugin (that you choose above):
add/copy following files
Those three about.* files should go in root of plugin
Often best to put this icon file in icons/WTP_icon_x32_v2.png.
but can go anywhere, as long as matches 'featureImage' in about.ini
make sure the 'featureImage' is correct for where you put the icon file
Edit the lines in square brackets.
The first line, at least, needs to be changed to match your feature name.
And add/edit any other information you think important to describe the feature.
no real changes needed (if using standard one). This file has a token
were the @build@ is replaced during our WTP batch production builds with the build timestamp
make sure the icon file and all three about.* files are included in bin.includes statement
a. be sure provider name is "Eclipse Web Tools Platform"
b. change the plugin name to be the same as the feature name, or, at least something
meaningful in that context,
which is usually not (old) the plugin name itself, if an existing plugin.
(see bug 277594 if interested in the odd design, or bug?)