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# script to run update, setting properties, for all projects
source properties.shsource
source parseSiteArg.shsource
if [ "${2}" == "-clean" ] ; then
echo " Removing ${updateSite}/features/"
rm -fr ${updateSite}/features/
echo " Removing ${updateSite}/plugins/"
rm -fr ${updateSite}/plugins/
echo " Removing index and site xml files"
rm -fr ${updateSite}/*
echo " Updating index and web site files, but not site xml files (yet)"
rsync -p ${HOME}/${updateToolsDir}/WebContent/${mainIndexFileName} ${updateSite}/index.html
rsync -p ${HOME}/${updateToolsDir}/WebContent/*.jpg ${updateSite}
ant -f ${fileListFile} -Declipse.home=${eclipseLocation}${updateSite}
# merge authored site.xml files with the most recent auto generated one
./ ${mainSiteFileName} ${updateSite}
# do create pack's later ... takes a long time
# ant -f createPack200s.xml -Declipse.home=${eclipseLocation}${updateSite}
# run create Digests now, it's a good check if all is well
ant -f createDigests.xml -Declipse.home=${eclipseLocation}${updateSite}