test dali templates
diff --git a/releng.wtpbuilder/buildtemplates/dali.properties b/releng.wtpbuilder/buildtemplates/dali.properties
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+# under development, not finished, untested
+# 'shortname' effects all foldernames too, plus some content, in distribution section
+# should be same name as this property file (for future use). 
+# These first three properties are mainly for component templates
+#  'featurename' assumes group of three features
+#  a) featurename.feature
+#  b) featurename_sdk.feature
+#  c) featurename_tests.feature
+#  'zipprefix' is prefixed to -[type]-${buildlabel},
+#  where type is empty, 'sdk' or 'tests',
+#  usually of the form [top-level project]-[project]-[component]
+#  for example, wtp-incubator-xmlsecurity
+#  'relengmapseng' must match the environment variable set in
+#  commonComputedVariables, such as RELENGXMLSEC
+#  prereq is the basic prereq on top of platform, jdt, emf, gef
+#  (only realistic options for right now are wst, jst).
+# These next properties are mainly for distribution template files
+# longdescription appears on the download webpage
+longdescription=The Zip file contains productized Dali Developer Tools
+# testplugin is the "main" test plugin, which may "call" the others
+# special case
+# omit (or set to true) for incubating projects for proper webpage
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