weekly (final) update
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-Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.3.0 I-build for RC3
+Final Test Requests for WTP 3.3.0 Indigo
 Please document your Project's testing and approval of this build, 
-by 5 PM Thursday (Eastern Time) (at the latest), 
+by 5 PM Monday (Eastern Time) 6/6 (at the latest), 
 or let us know if that's not possible. 
-Current Build
+There were two "DNF" unit test suites, but given the state of the build infrastructure, suspect this will
+be the best we can do, at at least for a while, and think there is minimal risk with not having 
+those two suites run completely. 
-Smoketest Results
+There are no plans to respin with our prereqs final (or RC4) versions but feel free to 
+test with them as they become available. While there is no further formal "sign-off" after RC4, 
+the assumption is that committers and adopters will continue to test, in some form, 
+until the official release, so if any release-blocking problems are found, feel free to bring them 
+to our attention at any time ... the earlier the better :) 
+Current Build
+Final confirmation testing votes: 
+The observant will notice I did go ahead and quietly put this build on our 'downloads' area, instead 
+of leaving on our 'committers' area. I did that since I think it'll lead to better, quicker, final testing and 
+since we have not changed anything since previous RC3 build, except the versions of our 
+prereqs we build against. Well, except for one doc bundle. We changed that since it was indirectly
+causing us to produce a bad repository (see  but 348028) [1]. I confirmed via map files that was 
+the only changed bundle.
+[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=348028