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<project default="main">
<property name="" value="${build.home}/${eclipse.builder}/plugins/org.eclipse.pde.build_3.1.0/scripts" />
<target name="main">
<touch file="${user.home}/.cvspass" />
<!--fetch the HEAD stream of all projects if build type specified as N-->
<condition property="fetchTag" value="HEAD">
<equals arg1="${buildType}" arg2="N" />
<property name="fetchTag" value="" />
<!--this property required as of Eclipse 3.0 stream builds > 20031126 -->
<property name="buildingOSGi" value="true" />
<!--run the build for the specified component-->
<echo message="basedir: ${basedir}"/>
<echo message="component: ${component}"/>
<echo message="buildDirectory: ${buildDirectory}"/>
<ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${}" >
<property name="builder" value="${basedir}/${component}" />
<property name="relengDir" value="${basedir}" />