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@echo off
rem This is a sample batch file, for windows, that can be execute the version checker application
rem This file needs to be extracted and copied ot the root of the Eclipse installation (i.e. the
rem same directory as to where 'eclipse.exe' is located.
rem specify dev workspace and JRE to use to run Eclipse
rem the development workspace isn't really imortant, or used for anything
set devworkspace=%1
if %devworkspace%. == . set devworkspace=./workspace
rem change/set the JRE to one on your system
rem Sun's 1.5 JRE
rem set devJRE=\JDKs\jdk1.5.0_11\bin\java.exe
rem Sun's 1.6 JRE
rem set devJRE=\JDKs\jdk6_06\bin\java.exe
rem IBM's 1.5
rem set devJRE=\JDKs\ibm-java2-sdk-50-win-i386\bin\java.exe
rem IBM's 1.6 -- has problems on multi processors?
set devJRE=\JDKs\ibm-jdk-6-sr2\bin\java.exe
rem set options for the VM
rem add to eclipse.ini ?
set devArgs=-showversion -Xms256m -Xmx512m
rem display (echo) basic information about environment
echo dev: %0
echo devworkspace: %devworkspace%
echo devJRE: %devJRE%
%devJRE% -version
rem list only (that is, only create version report based on current "stack"
rem set versionListerCommands=-listToReferenceFile
rem list current and also test/compare to named reference
set versionListerCommands=countQualifierIncreaseOnlyAsError -testToReference WTP-3.0.1-Plus-P20080911211753 -listToReferenceFile
rem Note: the "noexit" option makes it easier to see output information, but then must type 'exit' command in OSGi console
start eclipse -noexit -nosplash -consolelog -console -debug -data %devworkspace% -vm %devJRE% -application org.eclipse.wtp.releng.versionchecker.listVersions %versionListerCommands% -vmargs %devArgs%
rem pause