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+The files in this directory are used to varying degrees when promoting or releasing builds. 
+Over time, they should be more fully integrated into the automatic scripts, but are put in cvs here, 
+for now, to have a safe copy. 
+'antrunnner' directory normally exported to the 'apps' 
+directory on /shared/webtools location, and executed from there. 
+At the time of this writing, there are three steps required 
+when a build is promoted, before officially released (ideally, before its promoted, so 
+the work is done on "committer" copy).  
+In all cases, each script needs to have file locations or urls hand edited first. 
+the build's repository artifacts need to be packed (pack200) by using something like 
+./ webtools-process-artifacts-321.xml
+add download stat flags, and mirror URL property
+categorize content. These requires the companion category.xml file, such as wtp321category.xml
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