cleanup for restructuring
diff --git a/releng.wtpbuilder/components/wst.tests/ b/releng.wtpbuilder/components/wst.tests/
index 64164a4..23bb688 100644
--- a/releng.wtpbuilder/components/wst.tests/
+++ b/releng.wtpbuilder/components/wst.tests/
@@ -17,12 +17,12 @@
 # Set collectingFolder and archivePrefix to . if you want to create archives without
 # trailing eclipse in the paths of the included files
 # The prefix that will be used in the generated archive.
 # Does not make sense to use a different archivePrefix than collectingFolder, 
 # because zip wouldn't find any files to include into the target zip otherwise
 # Whether or not to include debug info in the output jars