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//ini_set("display_errors", "true");
//error_reporting (E_ALL);
// todo: could use some index array of general descriptions in future
$known_component_prefixes = array();
echo "<title>Components from build </title> \n";
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
.bold, .bold TD, .bold TH, .bold TR
<p><b><font face="Verdana" size="+3">Components</font></b> </p>
<p>These are special-purpose subsets of the WTP build. They are not needed for normal use or construction
of WTP (if they are needed, they are already included in other zip files or repositories). These are provided here by
special request of committers, for custom distribtions or tests.</p>
<table border=0 cellspacing=5 cellpadding=2 width="100%" >
<td align=LEFT valign=TOP colspan="3" bgcolor="#0080C0"><b><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial,Helvetica">
component subsets</font></b></td>
// Assuse this file is in the directory we are interested in
$dir = dir(getcwd());
//echo "dir: " . $dir->path . "<br /> \n";
while ($anEntry = $dir->read())
echo "<table>";
if ($anEntry != "." && $anEntry != ".." && is_file($anEntry))
$path_parts = pathinfo($anEntry);
$file_extension = $path_parts['extension'];
if ("zip" === $file_extension) {
// echo " path parts: " . print_r($path_parts) . "<br /> \n";
echo "<tr>\n";
echo "<td align=\"left\" valign=\"top\" width=\"10%\"></td>\n";
// todo: could use indexed general description here?
//echo " <td align=\"left\" valign=\"top\">\n";
//echo " <p>The Automated Test zip contains the unit tests.</p>\n";
displayFileLine($downloadprefix, $filename, $zipfilesize, $fileShortDescription);
echo "</tr>\n";
echo "</table>";