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<title>WTP Updates</title>
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<h1 class="title">Eclipse Update Site for <br />
Web Tools Platform (WTP)</h1>
<p>This update site provides the features of the Eclipse Web Tools
Platform (WTP).</p>
<p>It not only provides the data for WTP updates, it also provides
"pointers" to the prerequisite projects (JDT, EMF, GEF, and JEM).</p>
<p>It does assume, however, that at least the Eclipse 3.1.2 Platform
Feature is installed. For example, to start with minimum foot-print, you
can use the <a
Runtime Binary</a> appropriate for your operating system. (The Platform
Runtime Binary section is about half way down that page.)</p>
<p>Note, if you are starting with Eclipse 3.1.0, there are some separate
and <a
instructions</a> for updating the base platform to the 3.1.1 or 3.1.2
<p>To use this update site in your existing installation of Eclipse, add
the following URL as a remote update site in your update manager.</p>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> <code></code></b></p>
<p><b>Tip: </b>any time you get a chance, export your bookmark files
from the "add a site" dialog. Having them saved away in a safe place
makes it much easier to re-create another development environment.</p>
<p>See <a
Help</a> for general information about using Update Manager.</p>
<p><b>Tip: </b>To lessen download time (by installing the minimum number
of features), first select the desired WTP feature in the Eclipse update
install dialog, then use the 'select required' button to select only the
minimum required prerequisite features.</p>
<p><b>Tip: </b>If you are able, it may be easiest to start a fresh
development environment based on 3.1.2 and then update to use WTP 1.0.1
and its pre-reqs. And, since the workbench may have to shutdown and
restart several times (if updating several features), you can you do the
upgrade with an empty workspace and once satisfied all is well, then use
the -data option on the Eclipse command line (or shortcut) to point to
your workspace of interest.</p>
<p><b>Tip: </b>Both before and <i>after</i> installing "new" features,
you may want to use update manager to "check for updates to currently
installed features". In some scenarios just installing WTP will not
necessarily upgrade all components, such as EMF, to the highest
available level.</p>
<p><b>Tip: </b>After you install WTP 1.0.1, you can enjoy using Update
Manager again to "Search for New Features to Install". You'll notice
that once WTP is installed, we (in WTP) add BIRT and TPTP <i>discovery
sites</i> to your Update Manager sites, since there is some cool
applications that use WTP, BIRT and TPTP together.</p>
<h3>Known Problems and Issues</h3>
<p><a href="">bug
122784:</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; Even if you have WTP 1.0.0 installed, you can
not "search for updates of the currently installed features".</p>
<p><b>Workaround: </b>add the webtools-update site as a remote update
site and use it as you would any other new feature. That is, use the
"Search for new Features to Install", add the webtools-update site, and
then install some from the Web Tools Platform section (with pre-reqs if
needed). This will install "on top" of any existing WTP Features you
have installed already.</p>
<p><a href="">bug
123191:</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; If you check "Filter features included in other
features on the list", then even using the 'select required' button may
not "find" all the features required. Similar for the 'show only the
latest version of the feature'.</p>
<p><b>Workaround: </b>do not check that box! :)</p>
<p>As always, open bugs you find or open feature requests, to help the
project improve. Thanks for your help.</p>
<h3>Example of Update Dialog</h3>
<p>Here is an example screen shot highlighting the areas discussed in
the tips and workarounds. The example is from having started with just
the base 3.1.2 Platform Feature installed.</p>
<img alt"example view of update dialog" src="update2.gif" />