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REM Example script to run standalone Dali tests for a given local build
@echo off
REM These "home" directories must be accurate for your machine.
set BUILD_HOME=T:\work\runDaliTests
set ANT_HOME=C:\bin\ant-1.7.0
set JAVA_HOME=J:\jdk1.6.0_13
set JAVA_6_HOME=J:\jdk1.6.0_13
REM standard for windows. Linux or other platforms would need to change these.
set BASEOS=win32
set BASEWS=win32
set BASEARCH=x86
REM These 'set' commands should rarely, if ever have to be changed
REM Some are not actually used, but values are provided
REM to prevent spurious "warnings" in logs.
REM In other cases, the directory must exist before this script runs.
set PATH=%ANT_HOME%\bin;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
set BASE_BUILDERS=%BUILD_HOME%\basebuilders
set RELENG=webtools.maps/releng
set RELENG_BUILDER=webtools.releng/releng.wtpbuilder
set DISPLAY=localhost:0
set BASE_BUILDERS=%BUILD_HOME%/basebuilders
set PROJECT_TESTS=%BUILD_HOME%/project-tests
REM Distribution specific properties
set PROJECT_NAME=Dali-Build
set RELENGDALI=webtools.maps/releng.dali
REM the following comments apply to the -D variables provided to the ant command
REM projectname: what ever the project would is called in cruisecontrol (even though CC isn't used here)
REM build.distribution: the name of the distribution as it appears in releng.wtpbuilder
REM build.committers: should be true if you want to download and reproduce a build from 'committers' area.
REM If working from a build on 'downloads' area, omit the variable (do not just set to false).
REM DbuildDirectory: location of the local build to test.
REM DtestRoot: location where the tests will be installed and run.
REM DkeyCfgFile: path of the releng build.cfg file.
REM Dwtp.builder.home: location of the releng.wtpbuilder.
REM buildType: I, S, or R
REM buildId: Basically the "middle" part of a download zip or build name, such as the 3.2I in
REM timestamp Basically the "end" part of a download zip or build name, such as 20090722042933 in
REM (not sure if needed)
REM buildBranch Build branch used in various scripts ... usually the "middle" part of projectname, such as R3.2 in wtp-R3.2-I
REM testTarget The specific test suite(s) to run. These target names are from the test.xml file. Omit or use 'all' to run all tests.
REM -f antfile The name or path should not have to be changed, but the "releng.wtpbuilder" project must already be checked out from CVS
REM (or exported from Eclipse) into a directory named 'webtools.releng' which is immediately under the BUILD_HOME directory.
REM It is assume this batch file, then, is in the BUILD_HOME directory.
REM Note: the buildDirectory should have at least two folders, one named 'webtools.maps' which contains all the maps,
REM and another folder which contains the result of a build and which is named ${buildType}-${buildId}-${timestamp}.
ant -Dprojectname=%PROJECT_NAME% ^
-Dbuild.distribution=%DISTRIBUTION_NAME% ^
-Dbuild.committers=true ^
-DtestRoot=%PROJECT_TESTS% ^
-DkeyCfgFile=%PROJECT_BUILDERS%/%PROJECT_NAME%/%RELENG%/maps/build.cfg ^
-Dwtp.builder.home=%BUILD_HOME%/%RELENG_BUILDER% ^
-DbuildType=I ^
-DbuildId=I200907231609 ^
-Dtimestamp=200907231609 ^ ^
-DbuildBranch=R3.2 ^
-DtestTarget=dali-core-tests ^
-f webtools.releng\releng.wtpbuilder\build.xml test