streamline build scripts
diff --git a/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource b/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource
index 4373c70..948bf92 100644
--- a/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource
+++ b/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource
@@ -1,5 +1,9 @@
+# This particular file is not used in production builds,
+# though there is a similar one (with same name) in main
+# directory that is.
 # If "local" users have this file on their path, 
 # that is, in "someDirectory" on the users local path, 
 # then the bash "include source" function will find that version
@@ -17,16 +21,17 @@
 export BUILD_HOME=/shared/webtools
-export DISPLAY=
+# the following does not really vary, but must be specified "early" 
+export RELENG_CONTROL=${BUILD_HOME}/releng.control
-echo "remember to check X virtual frame buffer is running for headless JUnit testing";
-ps -ef | grep Xvfb
+export DISPLAY=
 # these should be full, abosolute path to the respective home directories
 # on this particular build machine
 export ANT_HOME=/shared/webtools/apps/apache-ant-1.7.0
 export JAVA_4_HOME=/shared/webtools/apps/IBMJava2-ppc-142
 export JAVA_5_HOME=/shared/webtools/apps/ibm-java2-ppc-50
 export CCDIR=/shared/webtools/apps/cruisecontrol-bin-2.7.1
 export BASEOS=linux
@@ -39,22 +44,23 @@
 # See the 'localBuildExample' directory for a starting example
-export BUILD_RETURN_NAME=wtpBuild
+# note: buildmaster email address should be "real" address 
+# that is subscribed to the mailing list, if you want to send 
+# mail to mailing list. 
-# for  builds on local machines, SKIPUSERS should be 'true' to avoid 
-# notifying users about those builds on your local machine
-export SKIPUSERS=false
 # controls quietness of logging to console
 # false means more output to console, true uses ant's logger
-export USE_LOGGER=false
+export USE_LOGGER=true
 #contols ANT's quietness level
 # true logs error and warnings only 
-export USE_QUIET=false
+export USE_QUIET=true
 # controls ANT's debug level
 # setting to true will result in TONS of ouput
@@ -75,10 +81,10 @@
 # TODO: if both of these are 'true' and error is generated by cvs ...
 # saying you can't set both to true.  
 # we could put in some logic to prevent that, someday. 
-export CVS_QUIET=false
-export CVS_REALLY_QUIET=false
+export CVS_QUIET=true
+export CVS_REALLY_QUIET=true
 #   these cvs values need to have write access if 
-#   build.trial is false, as on production machine. 
+#   tag.maps is true, as on production machine. 
 #   This is the ID used to both read, and 
 #   to tag releng map files.
@@ -89,7 +95,14 @@
 #   if protocol was pserver, but could be removed in that 
 #   case, if desired. 
 export CVS_RSH=ssh 
-export WTP_CVS_PROTOCOL=ext
-export WTP_CVS_USER=david_williams
-export WTP_CVS_ROOT=/cvsroot/webtools
+export BUILD_CVS_READ_USER=anonymous
+export BUILD_CVS_WRITE_USER=david_williams
+export BUILD_CVS_ROOT=/cvsroot/webtools
+# for  builds on local machines, SKIPUSERS should be 'true' to avoid 
+# notifying users about those builds on your local machine
+export SKIPUSERS=false