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$pageTitle="Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Patch Downloads";
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Web Tools Platform<br />
patch downloads</font><br />
<font class=indexsub>Latest patch downloads from the Web Tools Platform project</font>";
<p>This is the starting page for where you can find the latest <a
href=\"\">patch features</a> produced by the <a
href=\"\">Eclipse Web Tools
Platform (WTP) Project</a>.</p>
<p>They are normaly very specialized, for a specific purpose or adopter, and not for
general use. Those that are for general use -- and end-users -- will be made available
via update manager.
<p>Also, please note, the builds and zip files here may appear and disappear while patches
are being investigated, tested, etc, so if it is relatively recent, it may not be final.
If there are any specific questions, feel free to ask on <a href=\"\">wtp-releng</a>.</p>
<p>If you got here to this patch-build site by accident or casual
browsing, please be aware that <a
href=\"\" target=\"_top\">
declared builds</a> are available!</p>
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$pageFooterEnd="<p><a href=\"\"
target=\"_top\">Continuous builds</a> are also available which are for
committers and early testers.</p>";
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