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$pageTitle="Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Downloads";
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Web Tools Platform<br />
downloads</font><br />
<font class=indexsub>Latest downloads from the Web Tools Platform project</font>";
<p>This is the starting page for where you can find the latest <a
href=\"\">declared build</a> produced by the <a
href=\"\">Eclipse Web Tools
Platform (WTP) Project</a>.</p>
<p>Please note that each declared-build page details the pre-reqs for
that particular build. The WTP 1.0.x builds go with Eclipse 3.1 based
pre-reqs, and the WTP 1.5.x builds go with Eclipse 3.2 based pre-reqs.</p>
<p>As an alternative to downloading zips from the build pages, our
released builds can be <a
href=\"\">installed via
Update Manager</a>, from an existing installation of Eclipse.</p>
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$pageFooterEnd="<p><a href=\"\"
target=\"_top\">Continuous builds</a> are also available which are for
committers and early testers.</p>";
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