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Customizing bug2html.BugFetcher:
Changing the query.
This will affect the list of processed bugs.
1. Perform the desired bugzilla search in your browser.
2. Copy the URL to BugFetcher.BUGZILLA_RDF_QUERY
and append the String &format=rdf
Changing the sort order:
1. Modify
Changing the data included in the model
1. Modify the Bug Java-Model ( to include the desired field
2. Modify the Bug Factory ( to extract the field
from the XML-Node.
Changing the data included in the output
1. Modify the
2. Optional: Modify the Schema-Definition (milestonePlan.xsd)
3. Optional: modify the XML-to-HTML transformations
(bug2html.xsl, milestone-common.xsl)