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<project name="cc_project_build" default="Build" basedir=".">
<!-- = = = standard properties pattern = = = -->
Note to be cross-platform, "environment variables" are only appropriate for
some variables, e.g. ones we set, since properties are case sensitive, even if
the environment variables on your operating system are not, e.g. it will
be ${env.Path} not ${env.PATH} on Windows -->
<property environment="env" />
Let users override standard properties, if desired.
If directory, file, or some properties do not exist,
then standard properties will be used.
<property file="${env.LOCAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES_DIR}/${}.properties" />
<!-- load standard properties for production environment -->
<property file="${env.STANDARD_PROPERTIES_DIR}/${}.properties" />
<!-- = = = end standard properties pattern = = = -->
If not set yet, by "caller", then we set checkoutprojectname here.
Normally this is literally the project name from CruiseControl, but
if running "standalone", we make this simplifying assumption.
<property name="build.distribution" value="wtp" />
<property name="buildBranch" value="R3.0" />
<property name="buildType" value="I" />
<property name="checkoutprojectname" value="${build.distribution}-${buildBranch}-${buildType}" />
<target name="Build">
<!-- set main builder file name, based on distribution, buildBranch and build type -->
<property name="wtpBuilder"
value="${env.BUILD_HOME}/build-node/checkout/${checkoutprojectname}/releng.wtpbuilder/build.xml" />
<!-- clean previous build -->
<antcall target="clean" />
<!-- check out fresh set of appropriate files -->
<!-- this is to make sure maps and builders are correct, but also to
make sure the cruisecontrol triggered "diffs" are accurate next
time around -->
<ant antfile="checkout.xml">
<property name="checkoutprojectname" value="${checkoutprojectname}"/>
<!-- build and create preliminary download site files -->
<ant antfile="${wtpBuilder}" target="build" />
<ant antfile="${wtpBuilder}" target="site" />
<!-- upload what we have so far -->
<ant antfile="${wtpBuilder}" target="upload" />
<!-- test and create test summary files -->
<ant antfile="${wtpBuilder}" target="test" />
<ant antfile="${wtpBuilder}" target="site" />
<!-- upload what we have so far -->
<ant antfile="${wtpBuilder}" target="upload" />
<target name="clean" depends="check.clean" if="doClean">
<delete dir="${env.BUILD_HOME}/projects/${checkoutprojectname}"
failonerror="false" />
<delete dir="${env.BUILD_HOME}/tests/${checkoutprojectname}"
failonerror="false" />
<target name="check.clean">
<condition property="doClean">
<equals arg1="${build.clean}" arg2="true" />