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# This script file is to help get builds started "fresh", when
# the releng.control directory already exists on local file system.
# While it is in the cvs repository in releng.control, it is
# meant to be executed from the parent directory
# of releng.control on the file system.
# export is used, instead of checkout, just to avoid the CVS directories and since this code
# for a local build, there should never be a need to check it back in to CVS.
echo " saving serialized state ..."
cp releng.control/*.ser .
echo " removing all of releng.control ..."
rm -fr releng.control
echo " checking out head of releng.control from cvs ..."
cvs -Q -d export -r HEAD releng.control
echo " restoring serialized state ..."
mv *.ser releng.control
echo " making sure releng.control files are executable and have proper EOL format ..."
dos2unix -quiet -keepdate releng.control/*.sh* releng.control/**/*.properties releng.control/*.xml > /dev/null 2>/dev/null
chmod +x releng.control/*.sh