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12<meta name="abstract" content="After you create an XML schema, you can edit its various properties, such as its namespace and prefix." />
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syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000025<h1 class="topictitle1">Editing XML schema properties</h1>
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syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000030<div><p>After you create an XML schema, you can edit its various properties,
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000031such as its namespace and prefix.</p>
33<div class="section"><p>The following instructions were written for the Resource perspective,
34but they will also work in many other perspectives.</p>
syeshind0bdb8e2005-10-27 17:44:14 +000035<p>To edit an XML schema's
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000036properties, complete the following steps:</p>
syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000037</div>
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40<li class="stepexpand"><span>Create a new XML schema or double-click an existing schema in the
41Navigator view.</span> It will automatically open in the XML schema editor.
kprice43d0c0f2006-05-18 15:56:09 +000044<li class="stepexpand"><span>In the Outline view, click <span class="uicontrol">Directives</span>.</span>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000045</li>
47<li class="stepexpand"><span>In the Properties view, click the <span class="uicontrol">General</span> tab.</span>
50<li class="stepexpand"><span>You can change the <span class="uicontrol">Prefix</span> associated with
syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000051the current namespace.</span> Element and attribute names that are associated
52with this namespace will be prefixed with this value.</li>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000053
54<li class="stepexpand"><span>You can also edit the <span class="uicontrol">Target namespace</span> for
syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000055this schema.</span> A namespace is a URI that provides a unique name
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000056to associate with all the elements and type definitions in a schema.
syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000057</li>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000058
59<li class="stepexpand"><span>Click the <span class="uicontrol">Documentation</span> tab if you want
syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000060to provide any information about this XML schema.</span> The <span class="uicontrol">Documentation</span> page
kprice43d0c0f2006-05-18 15:56:09 +000061is used for human readable material, such as a description.</li>
63<li class="stepexpand"><span>Click the <span class="uicontrol">Extensions</span> tab if you want to
64add application information elements to your annotations of schema components.</span>
65 The <span class="uicontrol">Extensions</span> page allows you to specify the
66schema and add XML content to your annotations.</li>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000067
syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000068</ol>
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syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000070</div>
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syeshinf3d0d4b2005-07-27 18:33:03 +000073</body>