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11<meta name="DC.Title" content="Specifying XML default encoding line delimiters" />
12<meta name="abstract" content="This page lets you specify the line delimiter and the text encoding that will be used when you create or save an XML related file." />
13<meta name="description" content="This page lets you specify the line delimiter and the text encoding that will be used when you create or save an XML related file." />
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25<h1 class="topictitle1">Specifying XML default encoding line delimiters</h1>
30<div><p>This page lets you specify the line delimiter and the text encoding
31that will be used when you create or save an XML related file.</p>
kpriceb59c9f62008-04-02 21:24:37 +000033<div class="section"><p>To specify the line delimiter you want to use, complete the following
syeshinbefd53e2005-07-27 18:16:40 +000035</div>
kpriceef160682006-08-29 18:08:31 +000036
38<li><span>Click <span class="menucascade"><span class="uicontrol">Window</span> &gt; <span class="uicontrol">Preferences</span>
kpriceb59c9f62008-04-02 21:24:37 +000039</span> and select <span class="menucascade"><span class="uicontrol">XML</span> &gt; <span class="uicontrol">XML
kpriceef160682006-08-29 18:08:31 +000041
kpriceb59c9f62008-04-02 21:24:37 +000042<li><span>From the <span class="uicontrol">Encoding</span> field, specify the default
43character encoding set that is used when creating XML related files (DTDs,
44XML files, XML schemas). Changing the encoding causes any new, XML related
45files that are created from scratch to use the selected encoding.</span></li>
kpriceef160682006-08-29 18:08:31 +000046
kpriceb59c9f62008-04-02 21:24:37 +000047<li><span>Select <span class="menucascade"><span class="uicontrol">General</span> &gt; <span class="uicontrol">Workspace</span>
48</span> in the left pane of the Preferences window and chose either <span class="uicontrol">Default</span> or <span class="uicontrol">Other</span> in
49the <span class="uicontrol">New text file line delimiter </span>section. Select the
50operating system that applies to your development or deployment platform from
51the <span class="uicontrol">Other</span> drop down list.</span></li>
kpriceef160682006-08-29 18:08:31 +000052
53<li><span>Click <span class="uicontrol">Apply</span>, then <span class="uicontrol">OK</span>.</span>
syeshinbefd53e2005-07-27 18:16:40 +000056</ol>
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