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syeshind0bdb8e2005-10-27 17:44:14 +000031<div><p>This section contains information on the following:</p>
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35<div class="linklist">
36<div><a href="ccreatxm.html" title="This section contains information on creating XML files:">Creating XML files</a></div>
37<div><a href="txedttag.html" title="This file contains information about editing XML files.">Editing XML files</a></div>
38<div><a href="twxvalid.html" title="When you validate your XML file, the XML validator will check to see that your file is valid and well-formed.">Validating XML files</a></div>
39<div><a href="cxmlcat.html" title="When an XML file is associated with a DTD or XML schema, it is bound by any structural rules contained in the DTD or XML schema. To be considered a valid XML file, a document must be accompanied by a DTD or an XML schema, and conform to all of the declarations in the DTD or the XML schema.">XML file associations with DTDs and XML
41<div><a href="rxmlbicons.html" title="The following XML editor icons appear in the Outline and Design view.">Icons used in the XML editor</a></div></div>
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