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kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +00006<task id="taddglba" xml:lang="en-us">
7<title>Adding global attributes</title>
9<searchtitle>Adding global attributes</searchtitle>
11<shortdesc>A global attribute is an attribute that can be recognized anywhere
12in a document. Once declared, a global attribute can be referenced in one
13or more declarations using an attribute reference.</shortdesc>
kprice9623e9d2007-05-03 03:43:05 +000015<keywords><indexterm>XML schema editor<indexterm>global attributes</indexterm></indexterm>
16<indexterm>XML schema files<indexterm>global attributes</indexterm></indexterm>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000017</keywords>
20<context><p>The following instructions were written for the Resource perspective,
21but they will also work in many other perspectives.</p><p>To add a global
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000022attribute, complete the following steps:</p></context>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000023<steps>
24<step><cmd>Open your XML schema in the XML schema editor.</cmd></step>
kprice647b7352006-05-17 21:27:16 +000025<step><cmd>In the Design view, right-click in the <b>Attributes</b> section
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000026and click <uicontrol>Add Attribute</uicontrol>.</cmd></step>
kprice647b7352006-05-17 21:27:16 +000027<step><cmd>In the Properties view, enter a name for the attribute in the <uicontrol>Name</uicontrol> field.</cmd>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000028</step>
29<step><cmd>In the Properties view, you can select the attribute <uicontrol>Type</uicontrol> from
30the predefined list in the menu next to the <uicontrol>Type</uicontrol> field.</cmd>
kprice9623e9d2007-05-03 03:43:05 +000031<info><p>Alternatively, you can select <uicontrol>Browse</uicontrol> from
kprice647b7352006-05-17 21:27:16 +000032the list for more options. </p><p>The Set Type dialog will appear, and lists
33all built-in and user-defined types currently available. You can change the <uicontrol>Scope</uicontrol> of
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000034the list by selecting one of the following options:<ul>
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000035<li><uicontrol>Workspace</uicontrol>: lists all of the types available in
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000036your workspace. </li>
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000037<li><uicontrol>Enclosing Project</uicontrol>: lists all of the types available
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000038in the project that contains your file. </li>
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000039<li>(Default) <uicontrol>Current Resource</uicontrol>: list all of the types
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000040available in your current file.</li>
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000041<li><uicontrol>Working Sets</uicontrol>: l<?Pub Caret?>ist all the types available
42within the selected working set.</li>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000043</ul></p><p>Select the type you want in the type list, then click <uicontrol>OK</uicontrol>. </p></info>
45<step><cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Documentation</uicontrol> tab if you want
46to provide any information about this global attribute.</cmd><info>The <uicontrol>Documentation</uicontrol> page
kprice647b7352006-05-17 21:27:16 +000047is used for human readable material, such as a description.</info></step>
48<step><cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Extensions</uicontrol> tab if you want to
49add application information elements to your annotations of schema components.</cmd>
50<info>The <uicontrol>Extensions</uicontrol> page allows you to specify the
51schema and add XML content to your annotations.</info></step>
kprice159fa582006-05-08 21:30:45 +000052</steps>
kpricede20a692008-04-24 00:27:47 +000055<?Pub *0000002983?>