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<title>Importing XML schemas</title>
<searchtitle>Importing XML schemas</searchtitle>
<shortdesc>If you want to work with XML schema files that you created outside
of the product, you can import them into the workbench and open them in the
XML schema editor. The XML schema editor provides you with a structured view
of the XML schema.</shortdesc>
<keywords><indexterm>XML schema files<indexterm>importing</indexterm></indexterm>
<context><p>The following instructions were written for the Resource perspective,
but they will also work in many other perspectives.</p><p>To import an XML
schema into the workbench, complete the following steps:</p></context>
<step><cmd>Click <menucascade><uicontrol>File > Import</uicontrol></menucascade>.</cmd>
<step><cmd>Select <menucascade><uicontrol>General</uicontrol><uicontrol>File
System</uicontrol></menucascade> and click <uicontrol>Next</uicontrol>.</cmd>
<step><cmd>Click <uicontrol>Browse</uicontrol> on the next page of the wizard
to select the directories from which you would like to add the XML schema.</cmd>
<step><cmd>In the import selection panes, use the following methods to select
exactly the resources you want to add: </cmd><info><ul>
<li>Expand the hierarchies in the left pane and select or clear the checkboxes
that represent the folders in the selected directory. Then in the right pane,
select or clear check boxes for individual files.</li>
<li>Click <uicontrol>Filter Types</uicontrol> to filter the current selection
for files of a specific type.</li>
<li>Click <uicontrol>Select All</uicontrol> to select all resources in the
directory, then go through and deselect the ones that you do not want to add.</li>
<li>Click <uicontrol>Deselect All</uicontrol> to deselect all resources in
the directory, then go through and choose individual resources to add.</li>
<step><cmd>In the <uicontrol>Into folder</uicontrol> field, specify the Workbench
project or folder that will be the import destination.</cmd></step>
<step><cmd>When you have finished specifying your import options, click <uicontrol>Finish.</uicontrol></cmd>
</steps><?Pub Caret1?>
<result><p>The imported schema now appears in the Navigator view. Double-click
it to open it in the XML schema editor.</p></result>
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