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<title>Adding notations</title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Adding notations</h1>
<div><p>A notation is a means of associating a binary description with
an entity or attribute. The most common uses of notations are to include familiar
types of binary references, such as GIFs and JPGs, in an XML file.</p>
<div class="section"><p>For example, you are making a catalogue of your clothing and want
to include an image of one of your shirts. You would have to create a notation
like this: <kbd class="userinput">&lt;notation name="My_Shirt" system="GIF"&gt;&lt;/notation&gt;</kbd> which
defines a notation for a GIF image.</p>
<p>The following instructions were written for the Resource perspective, but
they will also work in many other perspectives.</p>
create a notation, follow these steps:</p>
<ol><li class="skipspace"><span>Open your XML schema in the XML schema editor.</span></li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>In the Outline view, right-click your XML schema and click
<b> <span class="uicontrol">Add
<li class="skipspace"><span>In the Properties view, type the name of the notation in the
<b> <span class="uicontrol">Name</span></b> field.</span></li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>Click the <b> <span class="uicontrol">Other</span></b> tab.</span></li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>In the <b> <span class="uicontrol">public</span></b> field, type a public identifier.</span> This is optional if you enter a value in the
<b> <span class="uicontrol">system</span></b> field.</li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>In the <b> <span class="uicontrol">system</span></b> field, type a URI reference.</span> This is optional if you enter a value in the
<b> <span class="uicontrol">public</span></b> field.</li>
<li class="skipspace"><span>Click the <b> <span class="uicontrol">Documentation</span></b> tab if you want
to provide any information about this notation.</span> The <span class="uicontrol">Documentation</span> page
is used for human readable material, such as a description, and the <span class="uicontrol">App
Info</span> page can be used to provide information for applications.</li>