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<task id="taddgrup" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Adding groups</title>
<searchtitle>Adding groups</searchtitle>
<shortdesc>When you create a group, it automatically contains a content model.
The content model is a representation of any data that can be grouped together
by the group, such as elements, element references, and group references.</shortdesc>
<keywords><indexterm>XML schema editor<indexterm>groups</indexterm></indexterm>
<indexterm>XML schema files<indexterm>groups</indexterm></indexterm></keywords>
<context><p></p><p>The following instructions were written for the Resource
perspective, but they ws<?Pub Caret?>ill also work in many other perspectives.</p><p>To
add a group, complete the following steps:</p></context>
<step><cmd>Open your XML schema in the XML schema editor.</cmd></step>
<step><cmd>In the Outline view, right-click <b>Groups</b>, and click <uicontrol>Add
<step><cmd>In the Properties view, type a new name for the group in the <uicontrol>Name</uicontrol> field.</cmd>
<step><cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Documentation</uicontrol> tab if you want
to provide any information about this group element.</cmd><info>The <uicontrol>Documentation</uicontrol> page
is used for human readable material, such as a description.</info></step>
<step><cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Extensions</uicontrol> tab if you want to
add application information elements to your annotations of schema components.</cmd>
<info>The <uicontrol>Extensions</uicontrol> page allows you to specify the
schema and add XML content to your annotations.</info></step>
<step><cmd>In the Outline view, expand the <uicontrol>Groups</uicontrol> folder
and your new group.</cmd><info>Your group automatically contains a content
model. A group's content model is the representation of any data that can
be contained inside the group. For more information about working with content
models, refer to the related tasks.</info></step>
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