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<title>XML schema editor</title>
<searchtitle>XML schema editor</searchtitle>
<shortdesc>This product provides an XML schema editor for creating, viewing,
and validating XML schemas. XML schemas are a formal specification of element
names that indicates which elements are allowed in an XML file, and in which
combinations. </shortdesc>
<keywords><indexterm>XML schema editor<indexterm>overview</indexterm></indexterm>
<p>A schema is functionally equivalent to a DTD, but is written in XML. A
schema also provides extended functionality such as data typing, inheritance,
and presentation rules.</p>
<p>For more information on XML schema, see the following:</p>
<li> <xref format="html" href="" scope="external"></xref> </li>
<li> <xref format="html" href="" scope="external"></xref> </li>
<li> <xref format="html" href="" scope="external"></xref> </li>
<p>Using the XML schema editor, you can:</p>
<li>Create and delete XML schema components such as complex types, simple
types, elements, attributes, attribute groups, and groups.</li>
<li>Edit XML schemas.</li>
<li>Import existing XML schemas for structured viewing.</li>
<p>The XML Schema specification from the W3C Web site is used for validation.</p>
<section><title>XML schema editor views - Design, Outline, Properties, and
Source</title>There are four main views you can work with in the XML schema
<li>Design - the Design view provides a graphical way to edit your schema</li>
<li>Outline - the Outline view shows you the main components in your XML schema.
You can use this view to add and remove certain components.</li>
<li>Properties - the Properties view enables you to edit the properties of
your XML schema components</li>
<li>Source - the Source view enables you to edit your source code directly</li>
<section><title>Status of the XML schema</title><p></p><p>Three status indicators
for the schema are available. They are in the bottom right corner:</p><ul>
<li> <uicontrol>Writable</uicontrol> or <uicontrol>Read Only</uicontrol>. </li>
<li> (Source view only) <uicontrol>Smart Insert</uicontrol> or <uicontrol>Overwrite</uicontrol>.
To toggle between these modes, press the <uicontrol>Insert</uicontrol> button
on your keyboard.</li>
<li> Line and column number (displayed in the format <?Pub Caret?><userinput>column
# : line #</userinput>)</li>
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