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<title>Web Tools Platform Limitations and Known Issues</title>
<h1>Web Tools Platform Limitations and Known Issues</h1>
<p>The following are limitations and known issues:</p>
<dt class="dlterm"><b>When using XDoclet the generation does not appear to run.</b></dt>
<dd><p>Cause: XDoclet has some limitations with long path names.</p>
<p>Solution: You should install Eclipse and the Web Tools Platform into a directory with a short
<dt class="dlterm"><b>When creating a Web service you may see a message similar to the following one:</b></dt>
<dd><p><samp>org.apache.axis.utils.JavaUtils isAttachmentSupported
WARNING: Unable to find required classes (javax.activation.DataHandler and
javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart). Attachment support is disabled.
<p>Cause: Attachment support is disabled.</p>
<p>Solution: The Apache Axis tools should auto-detect the javax.activation classes provided you add
<samp>activation.jar</samp> to the build path of the project to which you are generating your Web service or client.
For services, you will also need to make sure <samp>activation.jar</samp> is available to the Tomcat JRE, either by
including it in the server's global classpath or by placing a copy of activation.jar into the target Web
project's <samp>lib/</samp> directory.
<dt class="dlterm"><b>Problems encountered publishing from dynamic Web projects with non-ASCII characters in the context root</b></dt>
<p>Cause: By default the context root of a dynamic Web project uses the project name. If non-ASCII characters are used as project names for dynamic Web projects,
the default context root causes problems when trying to publish from the Web project.</p>
<p>You may encounter the following errors if this occurs:
<li>If you create a dynamic Web project with non-ASCII characters (leaving the context root
to default to the project name containing non ASCII characters) and try to
publish, you will see an error message similar to "The requested resource is not available".</li>
<li>If a dynamic Web project containing a non-ASCII context root is used in an Axis1 Web service creation
scenario, you will see an error message similar to "Unable to deploy to Axis".</li>
<p>Solution: The following ASCII characters are valid in the context root: all letters, all numbers, an underscore, a hyphen (dash), a forward slash, or a period.</p>