Contributing to Eclipse WTP Source Editing

Thank you for your interest in this project. Don't forget to sign your Eclipse Contributor Agreement before proposing any changes.

In addition to the changes you're proposing, you should be familiar with Git, using SSH keys with Git, and may wish to read through as we use the Gerrit system for reviewing and merging contributions.

If you're seeing this repository somewhere other than on, it's not the authoritative version used for our releases every quarter. Opening pull requests or submitting changes here will be of no use.

  1. Clone the repository using one of the URLs at the bottom of .
  2. Set up your Gerrit access, including a SSH public key, on .
  3. Take note of your Username as listed on (when logged in).
  4. Add a git remote for gerrit using ssh://{username}
  5. Ready your changes
  6. You should import the master unit test project from the web/tests/org.eclipse.wst.sse.unittests/ location in the repository. Try to at least run the unit tests corresponding to the project for which you're proposing changes.
  7. You can also run the Maven build, supplying using at least Tycho 2.3.0 for the values in -Dtycho-extras.version=${tychoVersion} -Dtycho.version=${tychoVersion} and profile bree-libs with -Pbree-libs.
  8. Create a local "topic" branch and commit your changes. Please start your commit messages first line with the word "bug" and the bug number, e.g. Bug 12345 to refer to bug 12345, both to make it more understandable in the eventual git history and to allow Gerrit to automagically link it to the bug report.
  9. Push your changes to the Gerrit remote using refspec HEAD:refs/for/master
  10. You'll be given a URL like unique to your changes. Please go there and click on ADD REVIEWER, choosing the project lead, so they get notified of your proposal.
  11. If you need to make more changes, find the generated Change-Id on your change's page (e.g. Change-Id: Ibe9f831a614edfe4e637038c4de0c3a849efb329), and make sure it is copied as the last line in your updated commit message. Then you can push your commit as before and it will have a history in Gerrit on the same page with the same conversations.

Eclipse Development Process

This Eclipse Foundation open project is governed by the Eclipse Foundation Development Process and operates under the terms of the Eclipse IP Policy.

Eclipse Contributor Agreement

In order to be able to contribute to Eclipse Foundation projects you must electronically sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement (ECA).

The ECA provides the Eclipse Foundation with a permanent record that you agree that each of your contributions will comply with the commitments documented in the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO). Having an ECA on file associated with the email address matching the "Author" field of your contribution's Git commits fulfills the DCO's requirement that you sign-off on your contributions.

For more information, please see the Eclipse Committer Handbook:


Contact the project developers via the project's "dev" list.