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<title>Setting annotation preferences for markup languages</title>
<navtitle>Setting annotation preferences</navtitle>
<shortdesc>This documentation describes how to set <term>annotation preferences</term> for
Web and XML files. The annotation preferences include whether to analyze the
syntactic validity of your file while you are typing and what colors to use
to highlight errors, warnings, tasks, search results, bookmarks, and other
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<context> <p>By default, when you edit in a structured text editor, your source
code is validated as you type it in. Like other Eclipse-based editors, the
structured text editors for markup languages flag warnings and errors in the
source code in the editor area. The warnings and errors also show up in the
Tasks view when you save the file.</p><note>Highlighting is fully dynamic
with the exception of search results. Search results are highlighted based
upon what has been saved to disk.</note><note type="tip">You can improve a
structured text editor's performance by turning off the real-time validation.</note><p>To
set annotation preferences, complete the following steps:</p> </context>
<step><cmd>Click <menucascade><uicontrol>Window</uicontrol><uicontrol>Preferences</uicontrol>
</menucascade>.</cmd><stepresult>A Preferences window appears.</stepresult>
<step><cmd>In the Preferences window, click <menucascade><uicontrol>Workbench</uicontrol>
<step><cmd>Select one of the following options:</cmd>
<choice>To turn off real-time syntax validation, click <uicontrol>Structured
Text Editor</uicontrol> and uncheck the <uicontrol>Analyze annotations while
typing</uicontrol> box.</choice>
<choice>To control other annotation settings, click <uicontrol>Annotations</uicontrol> and
select your annotation preferences.</choice>
<step><cmd>Click <uicontrol>OK</uicontrol> to save your preferences and close
the page.</cmd></step>
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