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<title>Snippets view</title>
<shortdesc>The Snippets view lets you catalog and organize reusable programming
objects, such as HTML tagging, <tm tmclass="special" tmowner="Sun Microsystems, Inc."
tmtype="tm" trademark="JavaScript">JavaScript</tm>, and JSP code, along with
files and custom JSP tags.</shortdesc>
<keywords><indexterm>Snippets view<indexterm>overview</indexterm></indexterm>
<p> The Snippets view can be extended based on additional objects that you
define and include. To view or collapse the objects in a specific drawer,
click the drawer name.</p>
<p>The Snippets view has the following features: <ul>
<li>Drag-and-drop to various source editing pages: You can drag items from
the view into the active editor and the text will be dropped into the document
at the cursor location </li>
<li>Double-click support: You can double-click on an item and have it inserted
at the current cursor position in the active editor </li>
<li>User-defined drawers and items: You can define, edit, and remove items
from view drawers as desired.</li>
<li>Plug-in-defined drawers and items: Plug-in developers can contribute a
default list of items to their own drawers.</li>
<li>Variables in insertions: By default, items will be edited using a dialog
and, when inserted, you will be prompted for values for each of the variables.</li>
<li>Customization: You can select which drawers and items are shown in the
Snippets view.</li>
<li>Custom insertion: Plug-in developers can customize the behavior of items
so that when they are dropped during a drag-and-drop action, both the text
that is inserted and the insertion location are strictly defined.</li>
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